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We are a small group of Italian business people who have a long history in Shenzhen. Further, one of our owners himself needs to consume gluten-free products on a regular basis because of his own medical condition.

Our goal is to become the top source of genuine Italian food products, imported directly from Italy. The Mission is to preserve the health of our clients that have special food needs because they suffer of some form food intolerance and allergy. But also to sustain and satisfy the need of those customers who believe that healthy food is the one of the clearest roads to a happy life.

At the present time there are serious food safety issues in China. Both foreigners living in China as well as local Chinese citizens have begun to see the wisdom in only eating imported foods. Or at a minimum, increasing their health by consuming a larger quantity of highly nutritious food. By purchasing with us, you receive food, in it’s original packaging from Italy, which is absolutely 100% safe, healthy and nutritious. Furthermore, we are a terrific source of anti-allergenic food products in China.

We select smaller food producers of products which do not get tainted by an industrial process. They are all inspired by our local Italian culture and taste for food. Furthermore, all of our products are certified by local Italian food safety authorities in Italy. Many of our suppliers come from the city of Tuscany and the center of Italy. Our goal is to provide you with absolute peace of mind when you make your food purchases. Being 100% sure that the ingredients used in the food your family eats is totally safe is something you deserve!
Healthy & Happy
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